Our first cauliflower of the season! Not a bit gets wasted – while the head will be roasted with olive oil, sea salt and garlic, we believe in whole plant eating- the leaves… Continue reading

chicken treats

just a quick photo of a few of our chickens enjoying their daily treat- scratch- a mixture of cracked corn and other grains.

figs and shishito peppers

We’ve decided to post more food photos- since our productive garden is so much about eating… Here’s a shot of mission figs + dried shishito peppers. Our mission fig tree is going crazy… Continue reading

first tangerines of the year

Our first tangerines of the year- two tiny kishu tangerines- they were delicious!

happy thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! Or as we like to call it around here, happy “thankful-i’m-not-a-turkey” day!