Monthly Archive: February, 2008


We lost a chicken yesterday- Polka Dotty had an accident. I’m not interested in going into details, but they always say that there are going to be some casualties, when you have chickens;… Continue reading


As you well know, I will never admit to being a pet person. I will, however, admit to being a lemon freak. Maybe even a citrus freak. Right now in our refrigerator, we… Continue reading

what’s growing in the garden:

ready to eat right now: arugula basil, sweet basil, spicy globe bok choy, baby broccoli broccoli rabe celery lettuce, romaine lettuce, butterhead radishes, french breakfast scallions spinach swiss chard, rainbow herbs: burnet, chives,… Continue reading

the baths at osborn

It looks like spa day is going to be a regular event after all. These pampered chicks seem to demand it, plus they wanted to have plenty of preening time before the next… Continue reading

more chicken photos

So that everyone has a fair turn in the limelight, here are some photos of the Barred (Plymouth) Rock + Ameraucana chicks, both 7 days old. I’m happy to announce that we seem… Continue reading