chatterbox-chicken3.jpgAfter months and months of talking about it, we finally got chickens today! And quite a handful… Originally, it was going to be three chickens- a reasonable number with which to start- but somehow we ended up bringing home six! Two each of three different kinds- Araucanas (the sort that lays the blue / green eggs), Production Reds ( similar to Rhode Island Reds, and according to a friend, veritable “egg factories”) and Barred (Plymouth) Rocks (super-friendly, and good layers). I’ll post more pictures in the next few days, but for now, pictured above is one of the Production Reds- this one is a chatterbox, and (relative) insomniac – whenever the chicks are falling asleep, this one will invariably be the last one awake, and feeling lonely, she starts to chirp- loudly- and with increasing volume – trying to get her buddies to wake up too- so that they can all play again. She’s actually been chirping loud enough to wake B up just now (11:30 p.m.) – so I’m sure in the next few days he’ll be busy scheming up ways to get little miss chirp-a-lot to doze off!