The terrible truth

is that we’re going to become crazy pet people. The very same people we never understood, and dare I say, mocked. You know who I’m talking about- you might even be one of them. The sort that never go on vacation, because they’re afraid that “Agnes” will be too lonely without them. The ones that have to bring “Babycakes” to their favorite coffee shop (along with his favorite toy), because he needs to get out of the house and hang with friends just as much as you do. And don’t forget “Mr. Snuffles” who did the most amazing thing today, and do you want to see a picture?

Do you know how I know that this is our destiny? That heck, we’ve already well on our way to becoming some of “those people”? Because tonight, all the chicks went to the spa.

When you first get baby chickens, you have to give them an enclosed space to live- some people buy fancy cages and others do what we did- use a big box or “tupperware” type container, and line it with newspapers, paper towels, wood shavings, etc… and then change the liner twice a day- so that they have a clean place to live and play. You want to keep things clean, but they need to build up an immunity to coccidiosis, so they actually do get a little dirty- especially their toes- since they’re not watching where they walk! So I did a little research online today, and found something that said that you could soak their feet in a shallow bowl of warm water, and then wash off any gunk, and carefully dry them.

Can you see where this is going? Now imagine two very-new-chicken-owners trying to grab little baby chicks and dip their unsuspecting feet in water – and hold them there, for at least a good five minutes while everything softens. Uh-huh, not so smooth of an operation as you might imagine. Everyone got a little more wet than anticipated. There was a quite a lot of chirping (and swearing). Actually, once they got used to it- it wasn’t so bad- who doesn’t enjoy a nice foot soak? But what to do with slightly bedraggled chicks? Bring out the trusty hair dryer.

Each chick was individually held and hand dried, and let me tell you- it takes a lot longer than you think to make sure that everyone’s ‘do is soft and fluffy, and dried to perfection. It took each one about 20 minutes, and we have six little ladies…

But they loved it- (the drying part). Being held in a cosy hand, swaying gently, while a warm breeze gently dries and fluffs every little clean bit of down and feather – you’d only be so lucky to get this kind of treatment at Ten Thousand Waves! Then back home to a clean abode, with clean water, plenty of food, and everything just as it should be.

But no, we’re not crazy pet people.