the baths at osborn

It looks like spa day is going to be a regular event after all. These pampered chicks seem to demand it, plus they wanted to have plenty of preening time before the next round of visitors. In an effort to help you, dear readers, visualize how lovely spa time can be, we bring you some photos of the latest round. Please note that this is all about basic hygiene, and not any craziness on our parts…

As we’re both architects, we thought it important to show you the calm environment in which the chicks are given their ritual ablutions. Clean, minimalist. Ok, its no Peter Zumthor spa, but its zen enough for them! Note the handmade porcelain ofuro, or japanese soaking tub, located near the bathing pool/waterfall.



A quiet moment of contemplation before beginning treatment:


Treatment photos:

(please note that photo quality rapidly degrades- while consenting to the spa treatments, the users were a little wary of the paparazzi, and accompanying lack of privacy, and therefore acted accordingly- only allowing for a few hurried photos).

Initial dunking soak:


Foot soak:


Pedicure + foot massage:


Pre-rub down, towel-dry, and blow dry:


Post spa bliss: