Monthly Archive: March, 2008

what’s growing in the garden

ready to eat right now: arugula broccoli celery leeks lettuce, butterhead lettuce, escarole lettuce, frisee lettuce, romaine mizuna radishes, french breakfast scallions spinach swiss chard, rainbow herbs: burnet, chives, garlic chives, cilantro, dill,… Continue reading

loony bird bin

polka-dotty2 pretending to be a farm girl We like to think of our place as a peaceful one – an almost-farm, a gentle haven in the middle of the city. With gardens overflowing… Continue reading

just hanging out

the chickies perched on top of their home More photos and stories to come soon! Hopefully, later today…

28 days

Here are some photos of the Barred (Plymouth) Rocks at 28 days. They grow so fast- probably double the size they were almost a month ago! You can see the changes in proportion… Continue reading

five seconds of fame

This past weekend, we were in the local paper. Front cover, and above the fold, even. Its amazing to me how many people actually glance at the local paper- I’m such a creature… Continue reading