call them by name


(sleeping sweety)

Months before we were even close to getting chickens, we were thinking of names. I’d been favoring the well-known and beloved chickens: Chicken Little, Henny Penny, Camilla (Gonzo the Great’s girlfriend). The problem was coming up with more than three- it seems as though the only other famous birds we could name were mostly canaries- Tweety, Woodstock, Big Bird, at least I think Big Bird is a canary… There’s also Woody Woodpecker and The Roadrunner, neither of which seemed very applicable, since their names state their bird species. This led to another tangent of naming the chicks after other animals- for instance, wouldn’t “Turtle” be a cute name for a chicken? (Although undoubtably somewhat confusing to the hordes of small visitors the chickens have been seeing). B generally favored less thematic names, the best of these being “Tamago”.

In the end, we ended up naming them by their distinguishing characteristics:


Sweety (right)+ Tweety (the Production Reds). Sweety, because she’s the sweetest, friendliest, and most willing to be held, and Tweety, because she’s the loudest, and the chirpiest- whenever everyone else is asleep, she’ll still be up, “tweeting” away- trying to get everyone else to stay up with her.


Chippy + Chirpy (the Ameraucanas)- because they look a bit like chipmunks from above- at least, when they were baby chicks. Chirpy is also quite talkative- almost as much as Tweety, chirping away the hours…


Spotty + Polka-Dotty2 (the Barred (Plymouth) Rocks). (Yes- we did get another  chick to fill the void left by Polka-Dotty- more on this in another post). They both have a big white spot/dot on the top of their heads.

All the names have worked out pretty well, except that we seem to have a tendency to hybridize (hy”bird”ize?) them- much like parents with more than one child- Chippy + Chirpy are refered to collectively, as “the chipmunks” and Spotty + Polka-Dotty2 usually both get called “Spotty-Dotty”!