free range

So, a lot has happened since the chickens last made an appearance on the blog, other than the photos from yesterday’s entry. The biggest event, was about two weeks ago, or rather, 17 days (6 hours, and 32 minutes) ago, (but who’s counting?) the chickens left home, moved into their coop, and we officially became “empty nesters”. And who was scared and lonely? And couldn’t sleep? And worried about all the strange noises outside? And had to keep sneaking out and checking on everybody? Obviously, not the chicks, when they had each other, although they did their fair share of squawking when the lights went out… It was pretty traumatic. However, now everyone is fully adjusted- the chickens have a spacious, spankin’ new abode, fully insulated, with huge windows (both operable, and screened), a good view, running water, and an endless supply of food, and B + I are back to a quieter, cleaner (ahem, at least less feathered and smelly) existence in our small, fifty-eight year old, less-than-fully-insulated, with windows not-entirely-operable-or-screened, home…

No pictures of the coop yet- B’s still finishing it up, along with their chicken run- but hopefully soon!

Since we don’t currently have a chicken run yet, one of us has to be outside, whenever the chickens are out of their coop, free-ranging. Everyday, their comfort level increases, and so does the area in which they want to explore- we’ve now chased them off the driveway, the west garden, the east garden, the side yard, and the parking lot of the church next door!