what’s growing in the garden right now – June

So, besides the usual list of what’s ready to eat, and what’s growing, we’ve decided to add another list: what the chickens are eating in the garden- since it’s become their favorite place to free-range (sigh…)

ready to eat right now:

beets, bull’s blood

beets, dutch baby balls

brussel sprouts

cabbage, savoy

carrots, scarlet nantes


lettuce, frisee



swiss chard, rainbow

tomatoes, stupice (heirloom)

tomatoes, early girl

tomatoes, yellow pear (heirloom)

tomatoes, yellow boy,

tomatoes, sungold (cherry)

herbs: basil (italian sweet, spicy globe), burnet, chives, garlic chives, cilantro, dill, english thyme, espazote, garlic chives, lemon thyme, marjoram, mint (spearamint), oregano (greek), parsley (italian flat-leaf), rosemary (barbeque), sage, tarragon (french), lemongrass

growing, but not ready to be eaten yet:


cucumbers, armenian

cucumbers, english

cucumbers, pickling

eggplant, japanese (ichiban)

figs, genoa

figs, kudota

grapes, red flame

grapes, thompson seedless


melon, charentais

melon, canteloupe

melon, minnesota midget

peppers, hungarian

peppers, spicy thai

pumpkin, sugar


squash, butternut (winter)

squash, zucchini (summer)

tomatillo, verde

tomatoes, black cherokee

tomatoes, black krim

tomatoes, crimson carmello

tomatoes, costuolo

what the chickens are eating in the garden:

note the “nibbled” edges of all of the cabbage…

caught in the act!

asparagus seeds

burnet (the cucumber flavored herb that they love)

broccoli (last one of the season, plus the leaves)

brussel sprouts (mostly the leaves off the plant- they haven’t yet figured out how to get to the sprouts, or that perhaps those are the tastiest bits…)

cabbage, savoy

cauliflower (last one of the season, plus the leaves + the aphids that are also enjoying the fine fruits of our harvest…)

cucumbers, any blossoms they can find…

figs, mostly the leaves

grapes, every single one they can reach before we “shoo” them away…

peppers, blossoms, and one developing jalapeno- afterwards a lot of hasty beak wiping…

swiss chard, rainbow (one of their favorites)

tomatillos, all the blossoms…

tomatoes, early girl

tomatoes, stupice

tomatoes, yellow boy