spotlight on sweetie

Sweetie insisted on being in this photo- and she wanted it to be a close-up!

One of the things we’ve been most amazed by, in our duration as crazy-chicken-pet-people, is the amount of personality the chickies have. I don’t know what we were expecting- just some fluffy feathered cuteness, and quiet clucking? Instead, each chicken is her very own individual- quirky and endearing in a unique way. We’ve decided to highlight each of the girls in separate posts- to give them each a moment in the spotlight, so that you, dear reader, can get to know each chicken, up close and personal!

Sweetie is one of our two reds, and probably the smallest and sleekest chicken of the bunch. Physically, you can distinguish her from the other red, Tweety, by her size (smaller), and by the coloring of her beak (darker).

(See photo below- Sweetie is on the left).

Personality-wise, Sweetie is really a sweetie. Since she was little, she’s always liked to take naps- and she still does. Every afternoon, in the heat of the afternoon, when the chicks slow down, and find a nice cool spot in the shade (or rather, in front of the evaporative cooler (that’s another story for another post)), she’s the first one to start nodding off. She also loves picking at the seams of your clothing- when you’re sitting down, and you feel someone poking at the stitching on your back pocket, or the cuff of your pants, chances are its Sweetie. The good thing is that she doesn’t really do any damage, and she does seem to stop when instructed! As far as her place in the pecking order (which is still being determined), at first she seemed as though she was at the bottom but she seems to be moving her way up. She’s become more aggressive about getting treats (grapes and cherries), and has discovered tenacity as a means of keeping her place on the perch. (Basically, she chooses her place on the perch early on in the evening, and then holds on for dear life, while other chicks try to push her off, or shove past her towards the primo spots. She’s a little slow, always a little behind the other chicks- the other five will run off, and she’ll still be standing in the same place. Half a minute later, she’ll realize everyone’s gone, and she’ll go running after the others to catch up. But better slow and sweet, that quick and ornery, right?