Every day I have a new favorite chicken- it’s probably not fair, I know, but since each chicken is a favorite one day or another, they all get their turn. Sometimes its because of something one of them does- a funny dance, a long hug, a little sneeze, but other times, its for who they are- each separate personality quirk. But today, and probably tomorrow, and heck- maybe even for the whole week, the favorite is Polka-Dotty2. She laid the first egg out of the flock! And not only that, but she actually laid it in the nesting box! Chickens don’t just know that they’re supposed to lay their eggs in a storage-bin-from-Target-that’s-been-adapted-and- filled-with-straw! Usually, chickens have to be “encouraged” to lay somewhere specific- if they are new chickens in an existing flock, they’ll see where the older hens lay their eggs and follow suit, or sometimes a rooster will actually demonstrate where to lay, or, in the case of a new flock, you basically trick them- placing a golf ball, or fake egg in the nesting box will make them think that its a safe place to lay an egg. Otherwise, chickens will find their own places to lay their eggs- and you’ll have to hunt for them. But not Polka-Dotty2! We’ve always maintained that she’s the cleverest chicken out of the bunch, and yesterday she proclaimed it! (All afternoon, and loudly, at that)! “Bawk, bawk, Bawk, BAwk, BAWk, BAWK, BAWWK! BBBAAAAWWWWWWKKKK!!!”