Who made a bid for freedom this morning?  Who decided to scamper out through the sliver of door that was open, and between the legs of the gatekeeper? Who knew the gatekeeper would have her hands full while struggling with the key in one hand, and a bowl of chicken food in the other? Who nimbly hopped, clucked and fluttered about, enjoying the morning sunshine and breeze? Who had an unprecedented 15 minute free-range around the yard while everyone else watched from behind the chicken wire?

Thanks to my ahem, graceful speed, agility, and uncanny hunting abilities, Polka-dotty was finally caught, and unceremoniously dumped back into the coop. This is the story to which we’re sticking- or, at least, to which I’m sticking. If Polka-dotty could speak human, she’d tell you she decided it was time to go back home after a merry little jaunt involving fresh air, tasty grasses, a neglected peach, a handful of grapes, and pity on the red-faced, grabby-handed, panting girl that she keeps around as a pet…