passed away on Saturday, November 15, just nine months and 2 days old. She started having reproductive problems about 2 months ago, thus the long hiatus from posting on this blog.

Blondie was our sweetest chicken, and definitely our prettiest- everyone likes blondes! We were, and still are heartbroken over losing our favorite chicken. Once her health problems started, we moved her inside- and any remaining dignity we had as aloof non-pet people definitely went out the window. “Pookie” or (sometimes “pumpkin”) became a house chicken, or, we liked to say, a “chat” (chicken-cat) because she would follow us around the house, and sit on our feet and take naps in the sun. She would cluck softly at us in the morning, when we’d peek at her on her perch, ( a comfy towel-wrapped stack of wood 2×4’s, next to another cushy towel that served as alternate bedding and her favorite egg-laying spot), and wail piteously when we’d leave her alone to step outside. She still had plenty of time outdoors- in the afternoons, we’d let her out along with the other chickens, to free-range around the yard. Oftentimes, she’d have the special privilege of getting to hang out inside the garden (everyone else is fenced out, as they are too fond on eating all the same things we’re fond of eating…). She would find her favorite space snuggled between the marjoram and the romaine lettuces and happily take a dirt bath and lie in the sun… We like to think that’s what chicken heaven is like for her now- a big sunny yard, an eden where she can happily wander and peck, nap and bathe, and sample endless amounts of her favorite treats.

We’ll always love you and miss you Pookie!


blondie preening in the sunlight


blondie in the house


blondie in the garden

* look for a separate page about Blondie, full of photos, coming soon…