we’re back….

again… sorry for the long hiatus! but we’re back now- and a lot has happened since the last time we posted- the chickies had their first birthday (lots of grapes and yogurt all around) – so now, they are officially, “hens”.  Apparently any chicks before the age of one are considered “pullets”.  Here’s a little video of some of the girls in action- just in case you’ve forgotten what they look like…

Did you notice that Brownie was only in the video for a little while before she wandered off? 


It might be because she was busy producing one of these:




Brownie finally started laying 2 weeks before her first birthday- about 6 months later than everyone else!  Who knows why she was such a late bloomer- but she’s pretty happy with herself- beautiful light green/olive eggs (not that you can tell from the photos…)!

But you should have seen her face after she laid the first one- since all the other chickens started laying when they were younger + smaller, their first eggs were also younger + smaller- but Brownie laid a full-size one – she looked shell-shocked (ha!)…To give you some sort of perspective, if you were a chicken, it would be the equivalent of laying a NINE POUND EGG!