spotlight on tweetie


Tweetie is our other red chicken- the alpha to Sweetie’s beta. She’s the biggest chicken out of the bunch, but despite her physical size, she’s at the bottom of the pecking order…and usually the hungriest… looking for Tweetie? Usually you’ll find her in the middle of the tomatoes- eating away… When Tweetie was a mere ball of fluff, she was always the one that would stay awake the longest- and would begin “tweeting” loudly, upon finding herself the only one awake. She’s always active, and definitely a go-getter – especially after tasty morsels! She loves to follow us around when she thinks we might have something delicious hidden up our sleeves- constantly asking us for a little bite- “bok-bok-bok! bok-bok- BOK! ”  She’s also the strongest flier we have- and able to make quite a few leaps/jumps – between her powerful wings and strong legs and haunches, she’s managed to land on my back when I’m bent over, or on my shoulder when I’m standing straight. (Granted, I’m only 5′-2″, so its not as though she’s landing on the moon…) But you should the height she’ll go for a grape!

She’s also very fond of “helping” us refill her feeder- she’ll jump up on the bench next to me, and will “help” pour the chicken feed pellets- basically using her beak to kick them out of the measuring cup, in order to get to the bottom, where are the tasty little crumbles are hidden. It reminds me of when I used to eat sugary cereal – I’d always try to dig down to the bottom of the box- and either pour those tasty sugary bits into my milk to turn it pink, or, when no one was looking, tip them straight into my mouth…

Tweetie is also one of our best layers- consistently producing big, light-to-medium brown eggs, that are also sometimes speckled. She’s very fond of looking at what she’s laid- she’ll stand up in the nest box, and use her beak to tuck her egg underneath her, moving it this way and that. Once, she was trying to move it so far beneath her that she actually lost her balance, and ended up on her back! I panicked and quickly turned her right-side-up, but she was unfazed- still busy looking at her accomplishment!