Thanks to my new “lighting studio” I built for my business (see this post about how to make your own), I decided to photograph some of our tomatoes- we’ve got a bumper crop this year, and all of us (the chickens too) are quite pleased that almost all of the varieties we planted are bearing fruit! I’ll post a few photos and notes about the varieties over the next few days…

Stupice tomatoes – This is orginally a Czech heirloom variety. We’ve been growing this type for years- both here, and back when we lived in Seattle. Its an early bearing variety, with fruit about 2″ in diameter. Although we’ve noticed that the fruits are getting smaller and smaller, the hotter it gets outside- the ones pictured above are about 1.5″ in diameter- cherry tomato size- although when the plant first started fruiting, we did have the typical 2″ fruits. These are tasty- sweet, but a little tart, with a full tomato flavor.


Yellow Pear tomatoes– This is another heirloom variety- with fruit about 1.5″ long. The plant is very prolific- and is quickly taking over the space alloted to some of the other tomatoes we’ve planted! The fruit is sweet, with a good “tomato” taste. These are best picked when the color is starting to deepen from yellow to a golden orange.

More tomatoes to come…