green pastures

These days, since it’s so hot out, we let the chickens run around the east side yard for about an hour, while we’re watering some of our new plantings along the perimeter fence. Ok, its not exactly a green pasture, per se, but it is pretty green, and with the grass, and the shade of the pecan trees, it’s pretty darn pleasant!

Here’s the side yard (I told you it was green!):



And here are the chickens enjoying themselves:

Sweetie, being a naughty chicken, standing on the picnic table:


Spotty-dotty, as she contemplates nibbling on the fig vine:


Polka-dotty2, hunting for tasty tidbits in the grass:


Tweetie, looking a little scraggly (- she’s currently molting):


Brownie, looking a little stunned ( I actually had taken a terrific photo of her just previously, looking up at me, but I forgot to turn of f the flash, so she wasn’t willing to look straight into the camera after that)…: