tour de coops 2010

Today we were visited by over 540 people- we took part in the second annual tour de coops, right here in Phoenix. It was a great turnout!  Who knew that so many people were interested in chickens? It’s actually how we got started- we went on a chicken coop tour back when we lived in Seattle, so when we moved down to Phoenix, we knew that as soon as we got a house, we would plan for getting chickens. It really seems to work that way though- a number of people on the tour this year were visitors last year, and were so inspired that they started their own little flocks!

People took a lot of photos. I meant to take some photos of everyone from the chickens’ point of view- inside the chicken run- looking at a bunch of humans staring at them – it would have made for some funny photos! Instead, here’s a photo of where Tweetie would have preferred to hang out during the event- hiding in the meadow! You can also catch a glimpse of Polka-dotty…