fruit tree pruning

We’re excited about the fruit that finally happening on our fruit trees this year. We’ve been culling most of the fruit for the past few years, in order to let the trees spend their energy into developing a good root system, important for overall health and growth of the trees. One of the fruit trees that requires the most culling of fruit are apricot trees- I removed a good 250 fruit! It’s one of those things that break your heart a little-  (think of all of those tasty fruits being discarded!) – but in actuality, the remaining fruit will equal in weight what was discarded. Also, this lets the fruit that remains have a chance to develop into bigger specimens, and gives them breathing room- so that moisture and bugs can’t get trapped between them. Here’s a couple of photos- you have to look closely, but you’ll see the unpruned fruit on the first photo, and see how much fruit is left in the second. The general rule of thumb with apricots is to allow a fist size space between them. Other than that, it’s pretty much common sense as far as culling enough to let air circulate around them.