vegetable flowers

A while ago a friend asked me how broccoli grows- he just couldn’t picture where the seed came from, and then afterwards, how a broccoli plant produces seeds- it’s one of those bits of knowledge we take for granted here, watching the cycle of plants from seed to seedling, to plant, to vegetable, to flower, to seed again. We do end up clearing a lot of plants out before they go to seed, in order to keep the garden productive- but we do leave some plants in- to provide flowers for pollinators ( such as bees) to feast on, and to encourage their population in our garden. This year, our polyculture bed (more about this in the next post) is the primary one where we’ve been letting all kinds of things go to seed- so we can see what happens next season…

At any rate, here’s some photos- the flowers are always interesting- beautiful in a non-conventional cut flower kind of way…

red onion (before it fully blooms)

red onion, in bloom

red swiss chard


carrot, in full bloom

carrot again