happy mother’s day quiche

We eat a lot of stuff out of the garden- usually I just show photos of the vegetables and fruits before prep, instead of afterwards. Part of the problem is that usually things are cooked for dinner, and we don’t eat until after dark- making it hard for me to take the sort of photos that I like to take. I’m going to try harder to start showing a little more of what goes on in our kitchen, since its such a big part of gardening for us- growing things that are delicious to eat. It is really the impetus for how and what we plant- what sort of vegetables we can’t source elsewhere, and what heirloom varieties we choose.

Anyway, since we had brunch for Mother’s day, the prep time happened early, so here’s some photos of vegetable prep for a Leek, Swiss Chard and Goat cheese quiche. It’s one of our favorites because it’s our leeks, our swiss chard, and the eggs from our chickens! B is ever hopeful that he can get a goat sometime in the future, so that we’d even be able to make the goat cheese for the quiche. I used the recipe from Thomas Keller‘s Bouchon cookbook, but used my own fillers (veggies) – the egg batter is a lovely loosely set custard that really allows the ingredients within to shine. It’s quite the laborious recipe, requiring multiple steps and days, but delicious!

Just like the vegetable flowers post, sometimes the parts that you don’t see are the most beautiful- so much of the leeks get discarded- actually, for us, they just get composted, so nothing is wasted, and everything circles back in the growing cycle. Here are the greens that were cut off:

and here’s a photo of the roots of the leeks:

and here’s the trimmed leek, that’s closer to what you would see in the grocery store or the farmer’s market:

Happy Mother’s day!