About this blog

Hello! We’ve recently started a little consulting company to help people with their gardens and their chickens- we call ourselves “The Green House Farm” and as active gardeners and chicken keepers, not to mention our training as architects, we’d love to help others out with the master planning of their yard, to basic planting, chicken keeping, chicken coop making, and all other garden related activities.




This is what our “about” blurb used to say, when I originally wrote it 3 years ago:

Having moved to Phoenix from the Pacific Northwest, where everyone gardens- more a lifestyle than a hobby, our ever growing garden/obsession with food + cooking is what this blog will document- although it looks like it will probably end up being mostly just chickens (which we got for eggs, not to eat)…its pretty crazy- the only pet I’ve ever had was audrey the goldfish- who lasted a total of 8 days…

And now we’d like to add:

We’ve come a long ways from that start with new chickens, and gardening in a new climate. The garden is still a work in progress, and always will be, but we feel we’ve gotten into a good rhythm- so please keep visiting out blog to see what we’re up to these days at our little green house farm!