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Our first cauliflower of the season! Not a bit gets wasted – while the head will be roasted with olive oil, sea salt and garlic, we believe in whole plant eating- the leaves… Continue reading


Just some photos from the garden, and one of our chickens. The weather in Phoenix has been a bit unusual- monsoon season came early, and then we had a sudden, record-breaking spike in… Continue reading

vegetable flowers 2

Here’s another vegetable flower- this time from our leeks. Leek and all allium blossoms are beautiful pom-pom like flowers- and the little tiny blossoms at the end hold the actual seeds, which you… Continue reading

rainy day

It’s monsoon season in Phoenix- so instead of the usual bright and sunny skies, it’s dust storms, thunderstorms and sudden rain showers…Here’s a photo of our backyard during the rainfall, early this evening.… Continue reading

fig clafoutis

We’re having some pretty odd weather this year in Phoenix. It was a really cool spring, until all of a sudden, very hot, very early. So some things, like our tomatoes, didn’t really… Continue reading