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Our first cauliflower of the season! Not a bit gets wasted – while the head will be roasted with olive oil, sea salt and garlic, we believe in whole plant eating- the leaves… Continue reading

black pants

There are usually a couple of factors that play into our seed selection in the garden: tried + true: seeds of stuff we’ve planted before- particular varieties + brands that have worked well… Continue reading


As you well know, I will never admit to being a pet person. I will, however, admit to being a lemon freak. Maybe even a citrus freak. Right now in our refrigerator, we… Continue reading

Broccoli Surprise…

(Ok, there’s parsley in the very front, but everything else is pretty much broccoli…) The problem with buying transplants at a nursery is that they’re all the same age, and the same size.… Continue reading


At 30 days, my tomato seedlings are 3-4″ high. They actually began germinating at about 4 days, and the last stragglers were poking through the soil by the 8th day. The seeds were… Continue reading