more chicken photos

So that everyone has a fair turn in the limelight, here are some photos of the Barred (Plymouth) Rock + Ameraucana chicks, both 7 days old. I’m happy to announce that we seem… Continue reading

Broccoli Surprise…

(Ok, there’s parsley in the very front, but everything else is pretty much broccoli…) The problem with buying transplants at a nursery is that they’re all the same age, and the same size.… Continue reading

Production Reds, six days old

The terrible truth

is that we’re going to become crazy pet people. The very same people we never understood, and dare I say, mocked. You know who I’m talking about- you might even be one of… Continue reading

last two chickies

These are photos of the two remaining chickens- both Barred (Plymouth) Rocks. The one sitting in B’s hands is the sweetest of them so far- she’s content to snuggle in your hands, instead… Continue reading