vegetable flowers

A while ago a friend asked me how broccoli grows- he just couldn’t picture where the seed came from, and then afterwards, how a broccoli plant produces seeds- it’s one of those bits… Continue reading

classes, the orchard, and Coco-dotty

B has a few upcoming classes again- one on growing fruit trees in the desert- and another on how to use the principals of permaculture in the design of your site. We’re also… Continue reading

fruit tree pruning

We’re excited about the fruit that finally happening on our fruit trees this year. We’ve been culling most of the fruit for the past few years, in order to let the trees spend… Continue reading

panel discussion + happy spring!

Please join us tonight as Bryan will be part of a panel discussion- Our Permaculture: Urban Farming. He’ll be joining a panel of local urban farming practitioners, including Greg Peterson (the Urban Farm),… Continue reading


Please join us at one of the classes that B is teaching in the next few weeks- you can also stay posted on the “news” section of the green house farm He’ll be… Continue reading